Swimming Pool Filter : OUR BRANDS : Astral/ Minder/Certikin/ Emaux/Jazzi/
Astral Brand : Aster filters are available in diameters from 350 mm to 900 mm and are appropriate for pools with a volume from 30 m3 to 240 m3. The Top version is available in diameter up to 650 mm with 11/2” connections.

Astral/Minder/Emaux/Certikin : A new generation of bobbin wound filters designed to cover all filtration needs in pools for Domestic or public or commercial use. Their impressive high tech specifications make Vic filters an essential corner stone in pool filtration. filters are available in diameters from 450 mm to 3000 mm
Swimming Pool Multiport Valve : OUR BRANDS : Astral/ Minder/Certikin/ Emaux/Jazzi/
A wide range of valves which offers the New Generation series, the Classic series and Flat series with 1½” and 2” valve configurations. The Magnum series with 2½”, 3” and 4” valves completes the range.
Six-port selector valve
A six-port selector valve able to perform several functions in a hydraulic circuit: filtration, flushing, shut-off, backwashing and rinsing of the filter. Its extremely functional design means that it can be fitted up to any installation. All joints will be perfectly sealed and it is easy to operate. Its minimum friction and resistance, maximum safety and pleasant finish were decisive factors in choosing the materials that best adapted to the needs of all of its components: ABS body, lid and handle, PPO distributor, EPDM gaskets, metal parts in stainless steel.
Swimming Pool Pumps : OUR BRANDS : Astral/ Minder/Certikin/ Emaux/Jazzi/

The PUMP ranges from 0.5 HP to 25 HP motors. Such motors have a 230/400 50Hz working voltage Hub by flange according to DIN-2501 regulation. According the Energy Efficiency regulation class IE2.

Cast Iron Swimming Pool Pumps
Plastic Swimming Pool Pumps

Vacuum Head OUR BRANDS : Astral/ Minder/Certikin/ Emaux/Jazzi/Fairlock/Waterco
Deluxe flexible vacuum head Flexible vacuum head with swivel and side brush Aluminium vac head with standard handle (34.5*13cm) Large aluminium vac head with standard handle (44.5*13cm) Fairlock Vacuum Head
Pool Brush OUR BRANDS : Astral/ Minder/Certikin/ Emaux/Jazzi/Waterco
Standard curved Poly bristle wall brush 10"/26cm Stainless steel algae brush 18"/46cm Deluxe Poly bristle wall brush with alu back PLASTIC BRUSHES SHARK PLASTIC BRUSHES
Pool Deep Net Pool Net Vacuum Hose HOSE CUFF TELESCOPIC POLE
Pool Basin Equipment  
Main Drain Drain Grille Skimmer INLET VACUUM POINT
Pool Surround Equipment
Pool Ladders Swimming Pool Grating Starting Block Lane Ropes Pool Lane Rope Roller